In the late 1960s Late Rameshwarlal Agarwala father of Shri Gouri Sankar Agarwala started a small Soap Factory in the District proper of Midnapore District. The products quickly become very popular among the local market and it keep on becoming bigger every year.

As a process of backward Vertical Integration, in the year 1989, Shri Gouri Sankar Agarwala, started a manufacturing plant of Sodium Silicate, which is one of the major raw materials of Soap Industry. Slowly Shree Shyam Silicate Udyog started producing different grades of Sodium Silicate and started supplying at different foundry and pulp industries.

Shree Shyam Silicate Udyog

Shree Shyam Silicate Udyog is a Sodium Silicate manufacturing unit in West Bengal in the Midnapore town,in India. It was established in the year of 1989 with a production capacity of 100 MT per month and supplying the same in nearby localities. Today we have a production capacity of 700 Metric Tons of Sodium Silicate per month and are very big challenging competitors of all the Sodium Silicate factories in all over India. With the latest technology updates today we produce all the different grades of Sodium Silicate available in the market and as per the customer requirements.

SSSU Spans

SSSU is one of the key Sodium Silicate Manufacturing Unit in Eastern India Region, lashed with latest technology to satisfy the Quality & Quantity expectations of this region.

SSSU is an NSIC and SSI registered Unit for more than two decades now, supplying to

Iron & Steel Industries

SSSU is a registered Supplier of SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd) and has regular supply of Sodium Silicate in all SAIL units including IISCO Steel Plant, Rourkela Steel Plant, Bokaro Steel Plant, Bhiilai Steel Plant, etc. Beside SAIL we also supply to other Iron and Steel Industries including Ispat Industries, Visa Steel etc.

Paper & Pulp Industries

Along with Iron and Steel Industries we have regular supplies at many Paper and Pulp Industries. Nagaon Paper Mill, Cachar Paper Mill, Cosboard Industries, etc are few in this industry that completely depends on us for all their Sodium Silicate Necessities.

Soap & Detergent Industry

Sodium Silicate is also one of the most important raw materials in soap & detergent industry. Shree Shyam Silicate Udyog supplies
sodium silicate.

Shree Shyam Silicate Udyog Mission

SSSU plan to set up another Sodium Silicate plant in Orissa and is also exploring manufacturing process of different products allied with Sodium Silicate to start manufacturing in recent future.

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