About Shree Shyam Filatech

Every year between 300 to 500 million people are being infected with mosquito borne diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever and West Nile virus and over One Million people die from these diseases, and most of these are children! And as the years are passing the death rate due to mosquito borne diseases are mounting.

Secure and Natural Mosquito Extinguisher

SSF a mosquito net manufacturing is started with a vision to fight these entire mosquito borne diseases. We, therefore, produce high quality mosquito nets.

The risks from various mosquito extinguishers:

  • Liquid Mosquito killers are not at all able to give you complete protection in the night when lights goes off
  • Mosquito Coils badly affect your lungs. Those are declared as the poisons.
  • Mosquito Mats will not give you hour long services.
  • Anti Mosquito creams and sprays are not good for your eyes and various sensitive organs.
  • Mosquito Mats will not give you hour long services.
  • Over all these extinguishers need a special condition to work at its best i.e. your rooms’ doors and window must be closed.

Therefore SSF provides you with simple but most secure mosquito nets. No so called conditions are required but you’ll get complete natural solution for every kind of insects, especially from mosquitoes.


Shree Shyam Filatech implies a huge area of dealings such as

  • 1. PE Mosquito Nets which is second to none at night to resist mosquitoes to attack you.
  • 2. Round Mesh Mosquito Nets which is a fashionable as well as effective Design of Mosquito Net.
  • 3. Tea Estate Bags which is very useful and mostly demanded equipment for Tea Industry
  • 4. Agricultural Nets are the mandatory in the Agricultural Industry. It has various purposes to serve i.e. Enclosure nets; Garden nets; Crop protection nets and so on.
  • 5. Seri cultural Nets also prepared by us. We produce high quality Seri cultural Nets to give you complete security.

SSF’s Mission

SSF has big plans to fight the cause of mosquito borne diseases. Along with manufacturing of mono-filament yarn fabric,we plan to stitch long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets for the local Indian market for the first time in India.

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