About Shree Shyam Concreto

Electrifying India with Strongest Infrastructure is our mission. We are very much aware of India is now more than 60 years from its Independence, still about 60% population of the world’s 2nd highest populated country is far away the basic needs of daily life.

More the 60% rural house hold is still in the darkness of “no-electricity.” When the ruling government realize the bigger issue and takes its initiative of electrification of these rural areas (read more) they find out the limitations of infrastructure i.e. chiefly the scarcity of the poles and other equipments to supply the electricity to the remotest villages.

Shree Shyam Concreto’s electrical poles

ShyamsGroup decide to do its part and established Shree Shyam Concrete in a very short period of 60 days to manufacture concrete electric poles to be used in the process of electrification. The electric poles are the backbone of development. These poles have to bear a number of hazards, such as storm; flood; heavy rainfall and so on. In spite of that these have to remain erect. Shree Shyam Concrete’s electrical poles are best suited to every adverse situation.

The ‘concrete’ solution for Electrification

All the Concrete made requirements are produced by Shree Shyam Concrete. We bear Entire responsibility to Solve electrification.

  • The Electric Poles
  • PSC Poles
  • PCC Poles
  • Pole Slab
  • and other Concrete Products related with electrification.

SSC’s Mission

Our mission is to create strong and durable concrete electric poles and help enlighten every little town and village of India.

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